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Because of its wide diet, many organic substances that pollute the environment can be used as food materials. Therefore, it is used to treat organic wastes, purify the environment, and has high reproduction rate and rich protein content. Therefore, breeding quail is also a solution to animals. An effective way of protein feed. In addition, wolfberry has a high medicinal value and has the functions of antipyretic, anti-spasmodic, antiasthmatic, antihypertensive, diuretic, and meridian functions, and therefore has high economic value.
All non-toxic plant-based organic substances, such as fermented and decomposed by Kinpo fermentation can be used as feed for alfalfa. Crop straw or coarse organic waste should be chopped, garbage should be sorted and sieved to remove metal glass, plastics, masonry and slag, and then crushed; livestock manure and wood chips can be directly processed without fermentation. The treated organic matter is mixed evenly, of which the best is the mixture of feces and grass which accounts for 60% of manure and about 40% of forage. Then add about 1-2% of the gold bait feed starter, add water and mix well, the water content is controlled at 50% to 60%, that is, after the accumulation of water outflow at the bottom of the heap. Piled into a trapezoidal or conical shape, and finally the outside of the pile is sealed with pond mud or covered with a plastic film to keep it moist. After 4 to 5 days, the temperature in the heap can reach 50°C to 60°C. When the temperature starts to fall from the peak, it is necessary to turn the heap for the second fermentation. The upper layer of material is turned to the lower layer, and the surrounding is turned to the middle to make it Fully fermented and cooked, to achieve odorless, no sour, soft texture does not touch; color is brown, and then spread out to place. Before use, check whether the pH of the feed is appropriate. Generally, PH can be used between 6.5 and 8.0. The amount of lime can be added to the peracid, and the alkali can be washed with water, which is beneficial to the exclusion of excessive salt and harmful substances. Before feeding, the pigs were bred with a small amount of ticks, and if no adverse reactions occurred, they could be applied.

Name:Hollow Pullulan Capsule

Major components:Pullulan and purified water

Character:The product is cylindrical and is made of two hard and elastic empty sacs made up of two sets of cap and body. The bag is smooth, uniform in color, smooth in incision, free of deformation, non-toxic and harmless, and is no odor

Pullulan: It is a natural extracts involving no toxic chemicals and edible, bland and tasteless organic.The chief commercial use of pullulan is in the manufacture of edible films.It is known by the E number E1204,as a food additive. 

Function:  Used for containing solid drugs. Isolation of herbs


Store:Keep in a cool, dry, airtight place

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