Greenhouse: Properly Laying and Using Agricultural Film

In order to ensure the full function of the agricultural film, attention should be paid to the following matters when laying and using it: The agricultural film must be stored in a shaded, dry place before installation and use, and no sun and rain should be allowed. The iron and wire in the structure of the booth should be well plated and no dirty and rusted components should be used.
At the same time, the use of exposed metal wires and sharp corners should be avoided to prevent them from tearing the agricultural film. When installing, the agricultural film must be tensioned and leveled. If it is improperly installed, it will not only seriously affect the service life, but also cannot exert its proper function and effect. Do not put the plastic film back, otherwise it will not be able to perform its function. Many agricultural films are marked with the words "this face up", standing outside the shed, and can be read positively.
Films should not be laid when the air temperature is too high, because the film is thermally expanded at this time, and when the temperature is lowered, the film will shrink, which may cause breakage and tearing. In the event of a rupture, it is necessary to repair it with special tape. Before opening the film roll, the floor of the work site should be checked to avoid puncturing or scratching the film. Do not walk on the membrane. You should not place assembly tools or other objects on the membrane to prevent breaking the membrane. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding the direct connection of the film and the greenhouse component. If it is impossible to avoid it, apply a white acrylic vinyl to the connection area and do not apply mixed organic solvents. At the same time avoid direct contact between crops and equipment such as irrigation and heating pipes and membranes.
When in use, neither outside nor in the interior of the greenhouse will burn the leaves of vegetables, gasoline, etc. because the burning product will damage the film. Try to limit the use of pesticides and herbicides and control the concentration of sulfur-hydrogen mixtures. When using pesticides on plants, prevent spraying on the membrane.

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