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Fertilizer Fertilizer The most professional microbial fertilizer is a new type of high-tech ecological biological fertilizer that has been widely used in recent years. Its magical effect is gradually being recognized by people. Comparing with other fertilizers, there is a distinct advantage in the microbial fertilizer, which contains a variety of highly effective beneficial microorganisms. It can use its own "organs" (cells) to fix and transform nitrogen in the air to form "natural nitrogen fertilizers." , Activates and decomposes insoluble phosphorus and potassium minerals in the soil for flower absorption and utilization (formation of "natural biological phosphorus and potassium fertilizers"), and at the same time a large number of hormones, plant growth regulators and various trace elements produced during the microbial fermentation decomposition process, can Effectively stimulate the growth and development of flowers, so that the flowers need a comprehensive nutrition, and thus "good health." In addition, "functional bacteria" in microbial fertilizers (functioning bacteria are like trained "police dogs" and "shepherd dogs" in dogs) because of their unique functions of "fixing nitrogen", "solubilizing phosphorus" and "releasing potassium". Generating a large number of metabolites, at the same time, beneficial bacteria own dominant populations are breeding with “overwhelming advantages”, nutrients are consumed by beneficial bacteria, so that harmful bacteria can hardly survive nutrition, so they can resist pathogenic bacteria. Invasion has played a role in the prevention and control of pests and diseases. This is one of the important reasons for the low incidence of disease in flower seedlings. It also has the function of water conservation and drought resistance (this is particularly useful for flower growers or lazy flowers, which are particularly busy at work), and for those who can produce results. Flowers can make their fruits more beautiful and their fruits more sweet. Details can visit the website or consult. Website address: 152 mailbox, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 12 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing. Zip code 100081 hotline.

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Pharmaceutical Vials,Pharmaceutical Bottles,Glass Tube Vials,Injection Vials,Auto Sampler Vials

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