Management of six points after planting eggplant

Control the temperature of large arch shed cultivation of spring eggplant, eggplant seedlings until after the vegetative seedlings until the incubation, to keep the greenhouse insulation, try to keep the temperature within the shed during the daytime at 28 °C ~ 30 °C, 15 °C ~ 20 °C at night, after the seedlings, should pay attention to ventilation Ventilate so that the shelf temperature is maintained at 23 °C to 25 °C during the day.

Under the condition that the fertilizer and water pipes are in good condition, the walnuts of the door and eggplant should be watered as little as possible before, to increase the temperature of the soil and prevent the falling of flowers and fruit. When the egg of the door is large, combined with watering, 10 kg of urea can be topdressed per acre, and then the condition can be considered Increase the number of watering properly.

After pruning and picking the door, the eggplant can be used to knock out all the lateral branches and old leaves of the door and concentrate nutrients to supply the fruit. If double stalks are used for pruning, excess lateral shoots should be promptly removed. When the planting density is high, when the “four-door doubling” flower buds, leave two leaves on the flower topping; when the planting density is small, you can leave two leaves topping at the “eight-sided wind” bud.

Hormonal regulation prevents eggplants from falling, and can be sprayed with 20 ppm 2,4-D aqueous solutions or with rhododendron.

The main diseases of disease prevention and control of eggplant include M. blight, Verticillium wilt, and Brownie disease. The disease is mainly prevention. Through the sun, drug soaking, seedbed disinfection, the implementation of rotation and other measures to prevent. Once onset, drug control can be performed. At the beginning of the onset of eggplant Mushroom disease, 64% of the frosted gram WP can be sprayed with 500 to 800 times or 64% of the WP can be applied 500 times, and 7 to 10 days of irrigating the root for 1 to 2 or 3 consecutive times. Verticillium wilt occurs in eggplant. Roots were irrigated with 50% carbendazim WP 500 times and each was watered with 0.5 kg of good liquid. 7 to 10 days Irrigation once, 2 or 3 times in a row. Eggplant brownie, sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil WP 600 times, sprayed 7 to 10 days, and sprayed 2 or 3 times.

Timely harvest from flowering to harvesting tender fruit, if normal management, generally takes 20 to 25 days. When the fruit surface is near the police film, there is no white color and the fruit surface luster has not faded yet. The right time for eggplant harvesting is in the morning when the fruit is full and bright.

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