Seven tips for the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery

1. If cracks on the parts of the cracked machine are checked, cracks must not be used. But how to determine if there are cracks and cracks in the parts? Put suspicious parts in kerosene and soak for 30 minutes, remove the dry surface, and apply a layer of chalk ash on the surface. After some time, the chalk ash absorbs the kerosene that has leaked from the cracks, causing the cracked areas to become black. , you can find the cracked part of the part. 2. In order to remove the rust from the rims, remove the rust on the rims, apply a thin layer of talc between the inner and outer tires, and then lay the rims flat and put on the tires. Use a pedal or crowbar to pry the rim of the tire into the rim, insert the inner tube, and use the wire to fix the inflation valve in the rim inflation valve hole, and then install the other side of the tire. Starting from the corresponding position of the inflation valve, use a crowbar to push a part of the tire into the rim first, and then gradually install the tire from the inflation valve to both sides. At the same time, step on the tread with the foot in the position opposite to the inflation valve, and then step on the side, you can make The bead ring portion of the tire is gradually loaded into the rim. 3. When the oil seal is installed on the crankshaft, the inner end face of the seal is likely to be twisted, resulting in oil leakage. Roll a piece of clean, thin cardboard into a trumpet roll. Put the roll on the shaft. Place the small end of the roll on the shaft end. Put the oil seal on the small end of the roll. Gently seal the oil seal with your hand. Rotate on the shaft, and the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction of reel rotation. When the seal is in place, slowly withdraw from the reel. 4. When the Dongfeng-12 type walking tractor water tank is dismantled by the demolition water tank, the water tank bolt corrosion and the bolts are often installed in the water tank, which makes the disassembly difficult. Put the 17mm plum wrench on the head of the hex bolt, take a wooden stick or iron stick with a length of 1 meter, and press the lower part of the wrench against the handle of the plum wrench, use the upper edge of the tank as the fulcrum, and use the lever to gently pull the water tank. Bolt can be loosened. If the hex head of the water tank bolt is rusted or slippery, use a long chisel (not sharp on the cutting edge) to align with the edge of the hex head, and move toward the loosening direction; if the chisel does not move many times, the hex head can be chiseled and removed until the water tank is removed. Drill and tap on the body. 5. The cable used to inspect the cable breakage pump of the cable is repeatedly broken and twisted during use, and is easily broken. Using a 220V power plug, connect a 220V, 15W light bulb in one of its power lines, connect the two power cables to the two ends of a core wire in the cable, and connect the power supply, and the light bulb will light to indicate the connection. Otherwise this core breaks. At this time, use both hands to hold the cable and force it to press in the middle for a period of time. If the light is on, it indicates that the line is broken. Disconnect the power supply, cut the rubber sleeve with a knife, connect the broken wire, and wrap it with an insulating tape. 6. When using a broken cylinder method, a cylinder of a multi-cylinder diesel engine fails, and the commonly used cylinder-cut method is used to judge. The following points should be noted when using the broken cylinder method: (1) Air in the diesel engine of the first row is used to ensure correct judgment; (2) The throttle of the diesel engine is placed at the position of a large throttle to prevent engine flameout; (3) When the engine is turned off When smashing a high pressure fuel pipe, it is necessary to watch and listen carefully to see if the engine smoke is reduced and whether the sound of the engine is changed. If there is no change before and after, it indicates that the cylinder is faulty and should be further inspected; (4)Distributed spray The oil pump does not have an oil outlet valve, and the injection quantity of each cylinder interferes with each other. Therefore, the distribution pump cannot use the broken cylinder method to diagnose whether a cylinder is faulty. 7. Emergency start of the combine harvester In the operation of the combine harvester, due to circuit failures, the following methods can be adopted when emergency stop is needed: (1) When the battery capacity is insufficient and there is no new battery, it is desirable to take another electricity. Battery with insufficient capacity and the same specifications, start the engine after connecting them in parallel, remove the connected battery immediately after starting the engine; (2) When the battery and the starter are normal and the starting line is faulty, short-circuit the starter with a screwdriver The power terminals and excitation terminals allow the engine to start. (3) If the starter has a problem, use a pull-in method.

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