Why is the fermentation bed called ecological pig

Fermented bed pigs are the basic principles of the integrated use of microecology, nutrition and biology, and use of functional microbes such as functional microbes in the Fermentation Aid of Fertilizer Pigs Fermentation Bed, as the “center” of material energy cycle and conversion. By using high-tech means to collect specific beneficial microorganisms, through the processes of screening, cultivation, inspection, purification, rejuvenation and expansion, etc., functional microbial strains with strong vitality are formed, and then they are added to sawdust at a certain proportion. Wood pellets and other litter mixed fermented products organic compound litter, automatically meet the pigs (also suitable for other animals outside the pig, but the operation is different) on the insulation, ventilation, and a trace element physiological requirements of a Eco-friendly pig mode. In the Jinbao fermentation bed-style pig house, live pigs live on this organic litter from birth, and their excrements are rapidly degraded, digested, or transformed by functional microbes; and the nutrients provided by pig manure make beneficial functional bacteria constantly Reproduction, the formation of high-protein mycelium and a variety of beneficial metabolites, after being eaten by the pig, not only conducive to digestion and improve immunity, but also to improve the conversion rate of feed, the input-output ratio and the ratio of feed and meat decreased. Slaughter pigs of the same weight can save 20-30% of feed, save 60% to 80% of manual labor, save more than half of medical expenses, and save more than 95% of water.

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