Gastrodia processing

If long-term storage of Tianma will cause decay after harvest, it should be processed in time after harvest. Its processing procedures are as follows:

First, grade

According to the size of gastrodia, it can be divided into 3 levels. More than 150 grams of first-class products, 75-150 grams of second-class products, 75 grams of the following and dug for the third-class products.

Second, clean the soil

The above three grades of Gastrodia are washed separately with water. The washed gastrodia must be processed on that day. If soaked in water overnight, the processed gastrodia is black, which will affect the medicinal effect and commodity value.

Third, peeling

If Tianma is exported or used as a gift, the skin must be peeled off, cooked, and baked. Nowadays, after large-scale promotion of Tianma cultivation, the harvest volume is large. If all of them are peeled, it will affect the progress of Tianma processing. Moreover, peeling is not as good as cooking, and it will spoil when it is placed for too long. Therefore, in addition to exports or special purposes, generally do not peel.

Fourth, cooking

As an important process of gastrodiae processing, if it is not cooked directly to dry or dried, Gastrodia will shrink, and opaque, poor color. In some areas, steaming method is used, that is, after washing the gastrodia, they are steamed on the steamer for 15-30 minutes at different levels. This method is suitable for small batch processing. If the processing volume is large, boiled methods are generally used. After the water has boiled, put the gastrodia into the water and put in a little alum. Usually 5 kg of Tianma plus 100 grams of alum. More than 150 grams of big gastrodia was boiled for 10-15 minutes, 75-150 grams of medium gastrodia was boiled for 7-10 minutes, and small gastrodia of less than 100 grams was boiled for 5-8 minutes. Gastrodia was not boiled for 5 minutes.

V. Smoked

After the gastrodia was cooked, it was placed in a smoke room and smoked with sulfur for 20-30 minutes. Smoked gastrodia, pure white color, good quality, and can prevent insects.

Six, baking

It is usually baked with fire. The initial temperature should be controlled at 50°C-60°C to facilitate evaporation of water in the gastrodia. If the temperature is too high at the beginning (above 80°C), the outer layer of Gastrodia elata can easily form a hard shell due to water evaporation. If the temperature is too low (below 45°C), it will cause Gastrodia rotten. When the water content of the hemp is 70%-80%, it is removed by hand and flattened and continued to be baked. At this point, the baking temperature should be about 70 °C, can not exceed 80 °C, in order to prevent dry deterioration of gastrodia. After the gastrodins are fully dry, they must be expelled immediately. If a long time, will affect the quality of Gastrodia.

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