How to check the digester?

The construction of biogas digesters utilizes biogas fermentation auxiliaries from Gembio to generate biogas. The most basic and most important check after completion of the biogas digesters is to see if there is any leakage or leakage of the biogas digesters. There are two ways to check: one is water pressure test, and the other is gas pressure test.
The water pressure test method is used to fill water into the pool. Water can be stopped when the water level reaches the water level of the material sealing line, and the water level mark is marked after the pool is wet. Observe for 12 hours. When there is no significant change in the water level, it indicates that there is no water leakage below the water level in the inlet and outlet of the fermentation.
Before the pressure test, the movable cover is installed and sealed with mud and water. After the barometer is connected to the gas outlet pipe, water is added to the pool. When the barometer water column difference reaches 10 kPa (1000 mm water column), the water supply is stopped. Record the height of the water level and regulate the pressure for 24 hours. If the difference between the water column of the barometer drops by 0.3 kPa (300 mmH2O), the impermeability of the digester will be met.
The first step of the gas pressure test method is the same as the water pressure test method. After confirming that the tank is not leaking water, the inlet and outlet nozzles and the movable cover shall be tightly sealed, and the air pressure gauge shall be installed to inflate the tank. When the pressure of the air pressure gauge rises to 8 kPa, the inflation is stopped and the switch is closed. Observe the regulator for 24 hours. If the difference between the water column and the barometer falls below 0.24 kPa, the digester meets the impermeability requirements.

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