A new method of rapeseed cake detoxification

New method of rapeseed cake detoxification China's rapeseed yield ranks first in the world, and rapeseed meal can produce 600 to 7 million tons of rapeseed meal per year. Rapeseed meal is an excellent natural vegetable protein resource. Its protein content and amino acid composition can be comparable to that of soybean meal. However, because rapeseed meal contains toxic or anti-nutritional substances such as glucosinolate (hereinafter referred to as glucosinolate), phytic acid and tannins, it may cause monogastric animal poisoning and poor palatability. Domestic and foreign rapeseed meal detoxification methods are: physical detoxification, chemical detoxification and biological detoxification method 3 categories.
The physical detoxification method is mainly to passivate the mustard enzyme, but in recent years, it has been found that glucosinolate itself is not non-toxic, and some microorganisms in the animal can also secrete an enzyme having the same function as the mustard enzyme and decompose the glucosinolate into a toxic substance. Chemical detoxification methods include acid-base degradation, metal salt catalytic degradation, and solvent leaching. Among them, the most studied at home and abroad is the double liquid extraction method developed by Rubin and Diosady of Canada. The detoxification rate can reach more than 90%, but the dry matter loss, high cost, and three waste pollutions make it difficult to popularize.
Biological detoxification methods mainly include enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis and microbial fermentation. Enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis mainly uses the addition of glucosinolates and activators of enzymes (such as Vc, etc.) to accelerate the decomposition of glucosinolates and then to achieve the purpose of detoxification by stripping or leaching with solvents. This method can not only remove phytic acid and Except for polyphenolic compounds, the source of glucosinase is difficult, and the process of removing glucosinolate and its degradation products is complicated and the cost is too high, so it cannot be industrialized on a large scale.
Microbial fermentation is the use of microorganisms to directly decompose poisons. Compared with other methods, the method has the advantages of mild conditions, simple process, and low loss of dry matter. Use a professional manufacturer of microbial starter, such as the Jinbao feed starter, to use it as an example, method: corn flour, wheat bran, rice bran, rapeseed cake powder according to the ratio of 20:30:10:40, the golden baby starter Add it in two-tenths of the amount, mix thoroughly, add water and mix wet, the water content of the mixture is controlled at about 65%, and then put into sealed containers such as jars, plastic bags, sealed and fermented for two or three days. When the gas is finished, that is, when the fermentation is completed, the pigs and chickens that feed out of the feed will love to eat. The altar can be fed, and the full-price feed can be replaced by gradually increasing the dosage. The replacement amount can account for all the pig feed or chicken feed. 40-50%, feed costs are greatly reduced and it is a good deal. Details can visit the website or consult.

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