What management should be done in the late onion

1, watering bulb expansion: bulb expansion season onion water needs increase rapidly, to ground irrigation, pouring water, can be poured every 5 to 6 days water, to promote the rapid growth of bulbs, until the harvest 1 week before irrigation.
2, after the bulb expansion fertilizer: (1) re-expansion of big fertilizer: in early May, 25 ~ 30 kg of urea per mu, 15 ~ 20 kg of potassium sulfate or 15 kg of diammonium phosphate, 10 kg of urea, the effect is the best point In mid-to-late and late May, we must apply 5 to 10 kilograms of urea or onion onion per acre with watering.
(2) spray good foliar fertilizer: bulb expansion in the early stage, combined with disease prevention, can be sprayed several foliar fertilizer to prevent premature aging of onion plants and promote bulb enlargement. The specific method is: In the middle of May, use 0.15 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre + 10 ml of high yield spirit or add 50 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of urea, 60 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, or 4 volumes of Yunda-120 per sprayer. Spray, spray 2 to 3 times, can play a very good effect.
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Celery is a low-temperature-resistant crop, and it is one of the major crop varieties cultivated in winter and spring. The level of celery production, the quality of the pros and cons, in addition to the impact of variety factors, mainly by the temperature, moisture, light, soil and other comprehensive environmental factors. The edible part of the celery is mainly the vegetative body parts of the stalk. Under the above-mentioned growth environment conditions, according to the requirements of the growth and development laws at different stages of the plant body, adoption of plant growth agents and other promotion and control measures can effectively promote the growth rate of the celery plant body and realize the demand for high yield and high quality.
First, spraying gibberellin GA is a high-performance plant growth stimulating hormone. After spraying, it can promote cell division, increase cell volume, and increase the overall cell growth rate of the plant. Compared with the control after spraying, the plant height can be increased by 7-10 cm, the stem diameter increased by 0.2-0.5 cm, the number of leaves is unchanged, and the leaf color turns dark green, which does not affect the quality, and the average yield increase is about 30%. 5-6 days to harvest. When applying in production, it is necessary to grasp the spraying time and proportioning concentration. Usually about a month after planting, when the plant body grows to about 20 cm or about 15-30 days before harvest, this period is when the celery plant body is in a vigorous growing period, which is the best spraying gibberellin period. Spraying too early will lead to slender and thin growth of celery, but also lead to tetany too late, the effect is not obvious. The application concentration is generally 10 mg/l, and sucrose is added at a concentration of 1% in a gibberellin solution, or a potassium dihydrogen phosphate at 0.1% is more effective. Generally choose sunny, spray before 9 o'clock, spray once a week, spray a total of 2-3 times, not suitable for rainy days. After the spraying, the growth rate is accelerated, and water and fertilizer should be added in time to facilitate normal growth. Water and fertilizer can not keep up with the appearance of slender stems, delicate appearance, hollow and other physiological phenomena, not only affect the yield, but will reduce the quality.
Second, the application of zinc fertilizer zinc in the plant body's main role is to participate in the synthesis of auxin and some enzyme system activities, a direct impact on the growth rate of celery. Celery is a sensitive crop that requires zinc. When zinc deficiency occurs, the growth of the plant's tip is inhibited, and the stem and leaf appear small deformities, and the leaves are clustered. Zinc fertilizer can be applied in the form of basal fertilizer to 4 kg of zinc sulfate per acre. Can also be foliar spray, the general spray concentration of 0.01-0.05% of zinc sulfate or zinc chloride, also play a good effect. Under the premise of satisfying the zinc fertilizer, it can also regulate the content of manganese in the root, the content of iron in the leaf part, the sugar content in the stalk part are all increased, the cellulose content is obviously decreased, and the quality of the celery product is improved.
In addition, celery is more sensitive to boron and calcium. Boron in soil or soil temperature is too low, so it is easy to inhibit the absorption of boron and calcium, which will cause celery to produce physiological diseases such as petiole transverse crack and dry heart disease. Reduce the product's output and quality. Therefore, in the growth of celery should pay attention to the application of boron and calcium fertilizer.

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