Key technologies for early operation of edible mushroom culture materials

It is very important to make a good edible mushroom cultivation material, which directly affects the growth of edible fungi and the benefits of growers. Here I will introduce the operation method using the culture product of Gumbol Fermentation as an example. 1. Preparation: According to 0.1% of the weight of the culture material (that is, one thousandth, if the waste is reused, it can be added according to 0.2%). Prepare Kinba edible mushroom culture material fermentation aid; Ingredients to be crushed or cut off in advance Soak or shower pre-wet, adjust the water to 60-70%, PH value of 8 or so. The low water content is not conducive to the rapid propagation of functional microorganisms, and the slow fermentation speed. If the water content is too high, not only the temperature rise is slow, but also the partial anaerobic environment may be caused by the poor ventilation, and the “corrupt bacteria” breeds with odor. Whether water is suitable or not is determined by grasping a handful of material, see the watermark but not dripping. 2. Mixing: Using fresh rice bran (Note: “Mi Fu” is not “Reunification”), rice bran has good nutrition and breathability, and old rice bran or untied tendon have poor nutrition; both are unfavorable; available bran without rice bran or Replacement of corn meal) Dilution of fermentation auxiliaries (5 kg of rice bran per kilogram of gold baby fermentation aid), and then mix the diluted golden baby's fermentation auxiliaries with pre-wet bran, cake, manure and other accessories Evenly, then evenly mix in the main ingredient. 3, stacking: the raw materials of the culture materials are mixed evenly, according to the conventional heap system, piles with a diameter of about 10 cm evenly punched rods ventilation, and covered with sacks, straw curtains and other breathable coverings, in order to heat, moisture .

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