Occurrence and Control of Eggplant Powdery Mildew

The main damage to the leaves, the shape of the leaves, the size of the irregular shape of the white powder mildew, spread throughout the entire leaf surface, causing the leaf tissue become yellow and dry.

Sphaerotheca fuliginea (Schlecht) Poll. The monocotyledonous powdery fungus is an ascomycete subphylum. Usually in the asexual stage in the field, conidiophores are clustered on erect conidiophores, and sexually propagated organisms are sometimes produced in late autumn, that is, closed shells. Closed capsular flat spherical, dark brown, diameter of 70 to 119 microns, the surface of 5 to 10 filamentous appendages, brown, with a diaphragm. Inside the closed capsular shell, one ascospore is formed, and the asccus is oval or nearly spherical, with a size of 48 to 9651 to 70 microns, and is colorless and transparent. It has also been reported that the powdery mildew is caused by Erysiphe cichoracearum DC. Derived from Erysiaceae powdery mildew, but common is Oidium sp. of the powdery fungus. (Pentoccus) fungi.

Transmission routes and conditions

The pathogenic bacteria mainly overwintered the diseased remnant body with a closed capsule shell. When the conditions are suitable for the following year, the ascospores are radiated and transmitted, resulting in the expansion of asexual spores. Caused the epidemic. Incidence temperature limit 16 ~ 24 °C.

Control methods

Rationally use fertilizer to avoid dense planting and improve ventilation conditions in the field. 50% Tribecid, 15% triadimefon (triadimefon) wettable powder 1000-1500 times, or 20% triazole-copper 2000 times, 40% poly-sulfur suspension or 36% methyl sulfide Feroxsilon suspension 500 to 600 times, 50% sulfur suspension 300 times. The protected land can be smoked or dusted, that is, smoked with sulphur fumes. A few days before planting, the greenhouse is closed. Every 100 cubic meters, 250 grams of sulphur powder, and 500 grams of sawdust, are mixed into a small plastic. Bags are placed indoors and lit overnight in the evening

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