The golden treasure keeps the stench away from the house

The golden treasure's ability to keep the odor away from the house is the main reason for the absence of odors in the fermented pig farm, which plays an important role in two aspects. 1 The golden baby starter itself contains more than 150 million beneficial active bacteria per gram. After the start of fermentation, the beneficial microorganisms multiply geometrically and quickly. In this process, the excrement of pigs is just excreted and adsorbed on wood chips. Ammonium sulfur and other odorous compounds are digested and absorbed and converted into proteins that can be eaten by pigs. With the progress of the fermentation process, malodorous substances will be digested and absorbed more and more as the rapid propagation of functional microbes. 2 Pigs have a habit of arching food. This habit can be used in the pig breeding process. The beneficial microorganisms in the golden baby starter enter the pig's digestive tract as the pig arches. Gastrointestinal beneficial microorganisms can not only inhibit some pathogenic bacteria activity, prevent diseases, but also inhibit the activities of harmful bacteria, such as inhibition of Welch bacteria activity, thus preventing the abnormal decomposition of proteins, thereby reducing the production of ammonia and helium. . These kinds of odorous substances are reduced, and the smell of pig manure is naturally reduced. In addition, beneficial microorganisms have higher activity of proteases, lipases and amylases, which can enhance the decomposition of proteins, fats and other substances, and can not only improve feed utilization and absorption rate, but also promote the growth of livestock and poultry, and also reduce odor. The production of material. Details can visit the website or consult.

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