Lishui Fermentation Tips

There are several aspects that should be taken into consideration when fermenting aquaculture feeds with a goldfish hydroponics starter:
1 The content of salt in water is relatively high, and it is easy to cause salt poisoning by directly feeding pigs. Special piglets and sows should be washed and reduced salt by boiling water, and then fed after cooking.
2 The water contains a certain concentration of detergent, it is easy to destroy the nutrients in the feed, especially the damage of vitamins is bigger, some vitamins and green feed should be added.
3 The plastic barrels for transporting drowning should be clean and sanitary, and the barrel wall should be acid and not smelly, which means that the growth of lactic acid bacteria is dominant and harmless to pigs; if the barrel walls are smelly and not acidic, indicating that the harmful bacteria are multiplying, the barrels should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. , boiling hot water before use.
4 Feeding pig farms with muddy water must be done for the prevention of epidemics of live pigs. Vaccine No. 5 disease, swine pneumoconiosis, swine erysipelas, epidemic diarrhea and other vaccines must be used to prevent infectious diseases.
The pig farmers should respond to the actual conditions of the farms, adjust their measures to local conditions, adapt to adjustments, and fully exploit the advantages of drowning to achieve greater economic benefits.


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