UK develops new skin rejuvenation therapy to repair aging damaged skin

What if the skin is not smooth, scarred or wrinkled? The British company has developed a treatment for skin lesions for injection that can completely solve skin problems.
Karen Morrison is 44 years old and lives in Cheshire, England. She has divorced and has three children. For the past thirty years, she has
Resentful of his uncomfortable face full of acne. The bad skin is a great blow to her self-confidence.
"I never looked at myself in the mirror," the British "Daily Mail" quoted Morrison's words on the 17th. "What I saw was only the flaws on my face... I always want to use my hair." Face) cover up. I always feel that I am not attractive."
This summer, Morrison took a medical experiment and received a drug injection. She injected a total of twice, once in May and once in August.
“At first I was skeptical. (After the injection) didn’t work immediately,” Morrison recalled. “But after more than two months, the skin began to soften and the rough surface gradually smoothed. I thought it was cured. 80%."
For the treatment effect, Morrison felt that "excellent", she thought that she "had been relieved after years of embarrassment, and now finally freed." She said: "I started dating again. I used to think that this was impossible."
"Huan" new skin
The treatment was developed by British biomedical company Intercytex under the name Vavelta. The innovation of this therapy lies in injecting healthy fresh skin cells deep into the skin, rejuvenating the skin, and repairing aging and damaged skin from the inside out.
Vavelta is a transparent liquid in which some tiny skin cells, called fibroblasts, are suspended. These cells are extracted from the foreskin that has been cut after the child has undergone circumcision surgery.
Many children will undergo this type of surgery, and the skin that has been removed after surgery is usually thrown away. Some children's mothers donated these skin tissues for medical experiments.
The researchers divided the skin samples into small pieces of 1 cm square, extracted the fibroblasts with enzymes, and then cultured them in the laboratory.
It is this fibroblast that is responsible for the production of collagen, which in turn repairs the skin and removes wrinkles. As people age, the original fibroblasts in the skin fall into dormancy or die, and the skin begins to deteriorate.
Experiments have shown that injection of fibroblasts can make the skin smoother, tighter, more elastic, and younger. The researchers say that unlike the injection of fillers or botulinum toxins, Vavelta's efficacy is permanent.
The experimental process was supervised by the US Food and Drug Administration and the UK Human Body Organization Authority.
Analysis of pros and cons
This new treatment does not produce immediate results. Fibroblasts need to "fit" for a period of time in the dermis to release collagen, so it takes about at least a month to be effective.
In addition, this injection is expensive. A small bottle of Vavelta costs £750 (about $1,104), and two bottles are needed to treat the blemishes on both sides of the cheek. In contrast, botulinum toxin is only £250 ($368) and the filler is £300 ($441).
At the same time, this treatment is still in the process of research, and its efficacy on burn scars is still unclear. However, as far as the current experimental results are concerned, this therapy is effective for most people and has a significant effect on some people.
People who admire Vavelta believe that this method is also suitable for cases that cannot be treated by other methods, and unlike laser therapy, does not require time recovery.
Dr. Nick Lewe of the Cranley Clinic in London said: "I think Vavelta is particularly effective in treating potholes, fine lines around the eyes, especially wrinkles around the mouth. It is tricky to treat these."
The experiment also proved that the injection of this drug is safe, and there is no rejection reaction in the fiber cells. The only side effect is that there may be transient redness and itching of the skin.
"This treatment may not treat everyone, every skin problem," said Dr. Robin Stones, head of the hospital. "But the scarred skin can cause psychological problems. Once the treatment is successful, it will change one person. Life."

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