Anti-anoxic mortality during wintering

It is known that fish are prone to oxygen deprivation and die in high temperature seasons, so special precautions are taken at that time, and people often pay insufficient attention to the phenomenon of oxygen deficiency of fish during wintering, which may easily cause accidents and cause losses.

One, the cause of hypoxia

During the winter, although there are fewer fish activities and poor oxygen consumption, if there is more silt in the bottom of the pool, organic matter decomposes and consumes oxygen, which makes the oxygen low, while neglecting the regulation of water quality; or the lack of illumination after the ice closure, poor photosynthesis. Oxygen production is insufficient, so it is also prone to fish anoxic floating heads and even dead fish accidents. Especially in the late winter, due to winter management can not keep up, water quality is aging, with the increase of water temperature, decomposition of organic matter is intensified, if you do not take timely measures, it is likely that due to lack of oxygen floating head or even cause dead fish accidents.

Second, preventive measures

1, sparse density

In winter ponds, ponds and ponds must not be too large in stocking density. Normally, 20 to 40 thousand fish species of 10 cm can be placed in the pond to prevent the lack of oxygen due to stocking densities; Some of the fish that have reached the market specifications can be listed and reduce the pressure on the pond.

2. Improve water quality

This is the key to management. Improve water quality is mainly to pay attention to adding water, usually 15 to 20 days should be added to change the water once, each 10 to 20 cm, usually pay attention to observation, found that water quality is not good, timely adjustment measures; winter should pay attention to the water quality Change, change the water once in the spring, change the water to 1/3 to 1/2, completely improve the water quality. It is best to constantly measure the dissolved oxygen in the pool water, keep the dissolved oxygen above 5 mg/l, find that the dissolved oxygen is too low, replace the water in time and take other oxygen enhancement measures to avoid accidents.

3, timely fertilizer

During the winter, they must pay close attention to the fatness of the pool water. For new ponds and thin pools, the manure is often topped up. The specific fertilization amount depends on the pond conditions, and the pool water is used flexibly. According to the principle of a few times, the transparency of the pool water is maintained at 30~. 35 cm is good, manure should be fully fermented before use to prevent excessive fertilization.

Observe that the observation should be carried out in time for the first aid during the overwintering period. Observe the fish's activities and water quality, find problems, and take timely measures to avoid accidents.

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