Pesticide soaking should pay attention to six points

First, pay attention to the choice of pharmaceutical dosage form agents should be selected to be able to melt in water pharmaceutical formulations are wettable powder, water, emulsion and suspension agent. Can not be soaked with powder, because the powder is insoluble in water, but floating on the surface of the water or sinking, the seeds are not uniform, unable to achieve the effect of soaking sterilization.

Second, the concentration of the liquid to be accurately soaked The concentration of the chemical used is generally calculated based on the content of the active ingredient of the drug. The soaking agent concentration is generally related to the soaking time. The low soaking time may be slightly longer, and the high soaking time is shorter. If the accurate concentration is not grasped, the phytotoxicity may be easily caused or the soaking effect may be reduced.

Third, to master the soaking time of pesticide soaking has a certain time requirements, too long will produce phytotoxicity, too short to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Specific soaking time according to the instructions for use of drugs to operate.

4. Seeds after soaking should be washed and dried. Seeds with poor tolerance to pesticides should be washed with water after soaking to avoid phytotoxicity. If you do not specify how to wash after dipping, you do not need to wash. Regardless of need or need of water washing, after soaking, they should be spread out to dry, and some can also be directly sowed after soaking. They should be determined according to the type of pesticide and soil moisture content.

Fifth, the liquid surface to be higher than the seeds When soaking, the liquid should be higher than the seeds more than 16 cm, so as not to absorb water after the seeds exposed liquid surface, reducing the soaking effect.

Six, fully stir the seeds into the liquid to be fully stirred, eliminate liquid bubbles, so that the seeds and the liquid full contact, improve the soaking effect.

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