Pleurotus ostreatus common disease prevention and control method

On cloudy days, lack of light, the relative humidity in the mushroom shed is large, and in the case of poor ventilation, Pleurotus ostreatus is very prone to two complications of soft rot and bacterial scab.

So how can we prevent this kind of complication? According to our practical experience, we specifically introduce the following comprehensive prevention and control methods to Mushok.

1. Breeding disease-resistant varieties, cultivating healthy mycelium, and improving the resistance of Pleurotus ostreatus. Such as: Hebei spore-free, Jiangsu wild wind, etc., mycelial white growth, fruiting body strong resistance, high yield.

2. Increase ventilation and clean the air environment.

3. Use sewer water method to maintain the relative humidity of the mushroom shed at 65%.

4. Mushroom shed disinfection. Baiyou powder is sprinkled on the shed walls and sheds. It is economical and has good disinfection and sterilization effects.

5. Drug treatment formula: (1) 2.5 million units of streptomycin for agricultural purposes, 50% clotrinone, 10 grams of green wind 9550 ml, water 14 kg. (2) 2.5 million units of agricultural streptomycin, 9550 milliliters of green wind, 17 grams of green Fenwei 1 and 14 kg of water.

Streptomycin is a broad-spectrum fungicide that can kill a variety of bacteria. Ketrimyl has a very good inhibition and killing effect on fungi. The two drugs are used together, and the functions are combined to increase the inhibition and kill the bacteria. Green Wind 95 regulates metabolism and promotes growth. Green Fenway No. 1 is a nutritional supplement. Various drugs are blended according to the above, which not only enhances the resistance of Pleurotus ostreatus, but also kills parasitic bacteria and fungi, and achieves the effect of removing the drug from the disease.

Method: One of the above formulas can be used to prepare mixed liquids, fruiting bodies, and sprays of bacteria, once a day, so that it is appropriate to use fruit liquids without dropping liquids. It usually works twice and he recovers three times. Do not spray water on the fruiting body during spraying.

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