Three things to do in winter farms

Vigilance against viral diseases

The epidemic situation of swine breeding this winter is still very serious. Although many pig farms have strengthened the epidemic prevention measures due to the shadow of blue-ear disease last year, seasonal diseases such as epidemic diarrhea, transmissible gastroenteritis, and panting diseases will not weaken and show signs of aggravation this winter.

This situation is a continuation of the "high pathogenic blue-ear syndrome" in the previous two years. Judging from past experience, the general epidemic of a pandemic disease that is hard to deal with under conditions that are hazardous and manpowered is: First, an eerie and acute outbreak causes a large number of acute deaths, followed by a slightly more moderate prevalence. . The "high pathogenic blue ear disease" pandemic, which entered its third year, should enter the second phase, which is the "moderately milder, more general" epidemic phase.

Suggestion: Do a good job in the immunization of important vaccines such as the current epidemic diarrhea and infectious gastroenteritis, such as the second vaccine and swine fever vaccine, and use Weiyuan's “strengthen Yinqiaosan + Myricin” to control the immunosuppressive diseases on the farm.

Do a good job in respiratory prevention

Porcine respiratory disease syndrome (referred to as PRDC) is currently the number one disease affecting the global swine industry. The clinical manifestations are the symptoms of pneumonia, coughing of pigs, increased eye and nose secretions, increased respiratory rate, elevated body temperature, depressed spirit, and loss of appetite. Slow growth or stagnation becomes a stiff pig.

Porcine respiratory disease syndrome (referred to as PRDC) usually consists of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), pseudorabies virus (PRV), swine influenza virus (SIV), Actinobacillus pneumoniae (APP), porcine circovirus type II One or more of (PCV2) or mycoplasma first invade the respiratory tract of pigs, destroying the defensive barrier of the respiratory tract, and then various airborne pathogens such as Pasteurella multocida, Streptococcus, Haemophilus parasuis, bronchi Septicemia such as Borrelia, it is easy to enter the respiratory tract and lungs, resulting in secondary mixed infection. The disease occurs mostly in nursery pigs and finishing pigs from 6 weeks to 8 weeks of age. The incidence rate is usually 30% to 70%, and the mortality rate is 10% to 20%, causing serious economic losses to the pig industry.

Recommendations: Immunization of vaccines such as pseudo-rabies and blue-ears, and the use of "Morifice" and "Zweidet" to control mycoplasma and Haemophilus parasuis.

Promote growth

At present, the price of live pigs has dropped sharply. The price of pork per 500 grams has fallen from more than 6 yuan in early September to more than 5 yuan at present. The large drop, short time, and rapid change have caused the industry people to be surprised and puzzled, causing the pig owners to be anxious. , but from the current point of view it seems that there is no sign of bottoming out.

In the vertical blow to the price of live pigs, the piggers' mood has already fallen to the bottom. From the optimistic forecast of the early market outlook to the current continuous decline in prices, it seems difficult to explain the traditional theory of supply and demand.

Contrary to the fall in the price of pigs, the cost of raw materials for feedstuffs has continued to rise, and the profits of pigs have been eroded. Therefore, pig farms should adopt measures of “producing self-rescue” to benefit management, strengthen management, pay attention to details, promote growth, increase pig feed utilization, and save costs.

Recommendation: Strengthen feed nutrition and use the latest growth-promoting agent “Oreik” + Wanrukang to increase the maximum growth potential of pigs.

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