High yield fertilization techniques for fruit trees

The application of quick-acting fertilizers during the growth period of fruit trees can regulate the relationship between growth and results in the current year and also lay a good foundation for the second year flowering results. The frequency of fertilization is generally four times, and the amount of fertilization should be based on tree vigor and age.

The first time it was applied fertilizer. The budding and flowering of fruit trees consumes a lot of nutrients. If the supply of nutrients is not on, the flowering period will be prolonged and the fruit set rate will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately apply the available fertilizer.

The second time was after flowering. The topdressing should be carried out in the late stage of flowering, which can reduce physiological fruiting, promote new growth, and expand the area of ​​leaves.

The third time was fruit enlargement and flower bud differentiation. At this time the fruit quickly expanded. Flower buds begin to differentiate, and reproductive growth and vegetative growth are in conflict. Appropriate amounts of nitrogen fertilizers, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, and the photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves can be increased, and nutrient accumulation can be promoted to meet the nutrient requirements of fruit enlargement and flower bud differentiation.

The fourth time is the autumn shoot growth stop fertilizer. The main role is to improve the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves, increase the accumulation of nutrients in the later stages of the tree, and promote the flower buds to continue to differentiate and full and full. The top-dressing, early-maturing and middle-maturing varieties can be carried out in the late harvesting stage, and the late-maturing varieties are carried out before harvesting.

The first and second fertilization should be closely combined with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer. Mature trees each composted 100 kg of human excrement, or 1 kg of urea.

The third and fourth top dressings were applied to 50 kg of human excreta per plant, 1 kg of superphosphate and 0.5 kg of potassium sulfate.

In addition to regular fertilization, spraying borax aqueous solution during flowering, spraying amino acids or fulvic acid chelating fertilizer during the fruit expansion period, and then timely irrigation, the effect will be better.

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