How to cure long spotted mushroom

At present, the main symptom of the disease that injures the mushroom is to generate some spots on the mushroom cover. This is a disease of the cockroach. How to prevent it?

Black spot. This is a bacterial disease caused by Pseudomonas. After the onset of disease, the mushroom mushroom caps appear oval brown or dark brown spots, the initial needle-like, enlarged diameter of 2 to 4 mm, neat edges, sometimes cracked cap. Control methods: The most important thing is to control the appropriate temperature and humidity. When watering the mushroom house, water should not be directly sprinkled on the fruit body of E. velutipes, and in particular it cannot be sprayed with cold water. The humidity inside the mushroom house cannot be higher than 90% for a long time. It depends on the weather changes. The sunny watering should be light, diligent and fine, and the rainy days should be less sprinkled or not watered. Increase the ventilation after each watering and then cover the film. The indoor temperature during the fruiting period should be adjusted to below 17°C. Mushrooms should be removed in time after onset and sprayed with 100-200 units of streptomycin or 600 times of bleaching powder per ml.

Rust spot disease. The disease caused by Pseudomonas spp., mainly impregnated mushroom mushroom caps, the initial needle-like, after the expansion into sesame size, although the edge is not neat, but the lesions can be combined into an irregular large rust. Control methods: To prevent the occurrence of rust spot, do not spray directly on the fruiting body when spraying the mushroom house, and timely ventilation after spraying. The relative humidity of the indoor air should not exceed 95% for a long time. The moisture of the fruit body should be treated when the surface of the bacteria bag covers the plastic film. After drying. In the early stage of disease, germs should be prevented from spreading to healthy fruiting bodies and sprayed with 50% carbendazim 800 times solution or with 100-200 units of agricultural streptomycin per ml.

hydraulic massage table

The hydraulic lifting Massage Table is made of a high density rebound sponge. The leather is composed of durable PVC leather, high-grade hydraulic tattoo bed, beauty bed, nail tattoo multi-bed, detailed workmanship, hydraulic chair lift, which can be leveled to 180 degrees. The back and legs can be manually adjusted and rotated 360 degrees to meet various posture requirements.


1. Stylish, strong and technical sense

2. Low noise, long life regulator

3. Pillow can be removed

4. Available breathing hole

5. The backrest/pedal can be adjusted manually by 80 degrees, the height can be adjusted by the hydraulic pump from 60cm-85cm

6. Stable metal frame stabilizes the entire bed

7. Bed is divided into 3 pieces of sofa, more durable

8. The color of the leather can be changed

Hydraulic Lifting Massage Table

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