Why do traditional manures burn seedlings easily?

Why do traditional manure fertilizers burn easily? Many rural households in China’s vast rural areas still use traditional “stupid laws” to fertilize manure. Although this method is simple but the effect is not good, a large part of manure is not decomposed and unfermented manure is applied. In the ground, when the fermentation conditions are met, the raw manure starts to ferment. If the fermentation site is closer to the root and the crop plants are smaller, the heat generated by the fermentation will affect the growth of the crop, and the plants will die if they are severe. Applying to the field under these conditions will not only increase the soil fertility but also ferment the seedlings. Delaying crop growth has played a negative role.
Therefore, it is no longer possible to use traditional manure fertilizers. Fermentation is best. For example, fertilizer manure is used to treat manure in farms. This not only avoids the occurrence of the above phenomena, but also effectively fertilizes the soil, improves the ecological environment of the farmland, and reduces the number of diseases and weeds. The spread of pests has greatly increased crop yields. Fermentation with fertilizer can be completed in only one week, which greatly reduces the time. It is a rare way!

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