How to correctly identify Lee anthrax

Lee anthracnose mainly damages the fruit and can infect the leaves and shoots. Rainy years and humid environments often cause severe rotting, leaf drying, and branching ulcers.

During the fruit enlargement stage, the lesions were light brown and water stained at the initial stage, and the lesions were enlarged with the enlargement of the fruit and turned reddish-brown. The lesions are round or oval in shape, with significant depressions. Many small black spots appear on the tops of the lesions. They are arranged in a concentric pattern. When the weather is wet, orange-red spots are secreted on the lesions, which are the conidial spores of the germs.

After the shoot was damaged, dark brown, slightly concave, and long oval lesions appeared, and dark black spots with concentric rings were also formed above. When the climate is humid, the surface of the lesions secretes orange-red spots, which are conidial spores of the germs.

The leaves were sick and the lesions were reddish-brown and gradually turned gray-brown. With the expansion of the lesions, the leaves were scorch, and scattered spots on the spots appeared as small black spots in a concentric ring arrangement.

Ionic Detox Foot Spa:

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Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

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