The condition of grape downy mildew

1 climatic conditions. The severity of the disease has a close relationship with climate conditions. In general, the cold and humid climate is conducive to disease. The minimum temperature for germination of oocysts is 13°C, the optimum temperature is 25°C, and the maximum temperature is 33°C. At the same time, there must be sufficient water (after the spring rain). The lowest temperature of sporangia germination was 5°C, the optimum temperature was 10~15°C, and the highest was 27°C. Water droplets were also needed. The optimum temperature range for mycelial growth was from 7-8°C to 29°C. The climatic conditions for the formation of spores are relative humidity of 95% to 100%, temperature of 13 to 28°C, and sporangia can only survive for 14 to 16 days when dried at high temperatures. The temperature range for pathogenic infection is: lowest 12-13°C, optimal 18-24°C, highest 29°C. When the young leaves are infested, the relative humidity should be above 70% to 80%, while the old leaves that are infected must have a relative humidity of 80% to 100%. In general, grape downy mildew is more serious in areas with less wind, fog, more dew, and more rain in spring and autumn.

2 orchard conditions. The orchard is cold and humid, the plants and leaves are too dense, the scaffolding is too low, and when the ventilation and light transmission are poor, the incidence is heavier.

3 varieties. In cultivars, the grapes of the American system are generally more disease-resistant, and grapes in the European system are more susceptible to disease. There are many reasons for the differences in disease resistance among grape varieties, and there are morphological and other factors.

Grape plants contain more calcium on the ground and have disease resistance. Therefore, the proportion of calcium and potassium in the cell fluid of the grape tissue determines disease resistance: One of the important factors is that when the ratio of calcium and potassium is greater than 1, it is resistant to disease, and when it is less than 1, it is more susceptible to disease.

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