What to pay attention to cultivation daisies

The technical points for cultivating daisies are: 1 There must be sufficient light. 2 The soil requires PH neutral or acidic, fertile, moist and well drained sandy loam. 3 Different regions use different cultivation management methods. In northern China from late August to early September, seedlings were planted in open field nursery beds and transplanted once after emergence of 2-3 true leaves. Before entering the winter, the young seedlings will be moved into the cold bed for winter, and when the cold is cold, they will need to cover the grass curtains to prevent cold.
Transplanting and planting in mid-April of the following year, irrigating after planting, keeping the soil moist, applying a thin liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. During the growing period, we must also pay attention to cultivating and weeding to prevent overgrown weeds. Jiangsu and Zhejiang were planted in the middle and early June, and transplanted and planted in the middle and late August. The flowering period began in late October or early November. After entering the winter, move into the room and put it in a sunny place. The room temperature is maintained at about 8-10°C. Appropriate amounts of fertilizer and water will be given. The spring will warm up in the early spring and then leave the room. This will enable the daisy to bloom from late autumn to early summer.

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