Oil sedge cultivation techniques

Seed treatment. The seeds of the oilseed sedge need to be harvested with new seeds that are full of mildew and no insects. Before the spring sowing, the first sun 1 to 2 days, and then stored 3 to 5 days, with the initial temperature of about 45 °C soaked in warm water for 1 to 2 days, germination sowing, summer sowing does not have germination.

Cultivation methods. The rhizomes of oblong orchards under oil grass grow for about 130 days. They can be cultivated by direct sowing, seedling transplanting, and ramets transplanting. Sowing can be done both in spring and summer. When the temperature reaches 15°C or above, it can be sown from early April to mid-July. Spring sowing in mid-August, summer sowing in mid-November harvest. Low temperature around the spring equinox, the need for a small arch shelter film seedlings. After the Ching Ming and Ming dynasties, the seedlings can be exposed or planted directly. The amount per mu is 8 to 10 kg. Acupuncture line spacing 30 cm 15 cm, hole depth 5 cm, open hole 0.7 to 10,000 per acre, put 2 to 3 seeds per hole, best covered with slag or earth fertilizer, in the development of granite and sand shale Sorghum seeding does not require slag cover. When planting seedlings in young or garden, the planting hole should be 1.5 meters away from the main seedlings to prevent the oil seedlings from covering the seedlings; if the medium-aged seedlings are interplanted, the seedlings should not be planted within the canopy drip line. Otherwise, the oilseeds will not grow well and the yield will be low. .

Seedling management. When the seedlings of the oil sedge are 5 to 20 cm in length, they should be cultivated and weeded, and top dressing 1 or 2 times. Choose cloudy days or evenings. Each time use dilute human excrement, urea or compound fertilizer 15 to 20 kg water 300 to 500 kilograms of pouring, or spreading before heavy rain. The cultivator should be shallow, and the seedlings should be no longer cultivating loose soil after being enclosed at a height of 50 cm in order to prevent the loss of root production.

Mowing grass utilization. In the case of sufficient base fertilizer, the sedge sedge has a height of up to 1 m in stems and leaves. It is necessary to cut off 0.2 m when young crops grow to 0.5 m or more to inhibit growth. Generally, more than 3,000 kilograms of fresh grass per mu can cover the gaps in orchards, which will help improve the soil, conserve water resources, increase organic matter, prevent sunlight from burning in summer and autumn, and prevent weeds from growing. During the middle and late growth period (40 to 60 days before harvest), paclobutrazol or swelling agents can be sprayed 1 or 2 times, which is of great benefit for increasing the yield.

For the forage grass, it is appropriate to cut 2 or 3 times during the growth period (can be divided and cut in turn). It is better to cut the grass in the sunny afternoon and cut the height of the whole grass from 1/3 to 1/2. Cutting leeks is like cutting. After cutting for 1 to 2 days, apply quick-acting human waste or nitrogen fertilizer and compound fertilizer solution to restore growth. The old stems and leaves after harvesting the oil sedge are a good material for the livestock and poultry mats and a good source of fertilizer for the orchard to change the soil.

Timely harvest. When the oil sedge grass matures, the grass leaves on the ground turn yellow, the underground blocky stems become hard, and when it is bitten by teeth, it is brittle, the fracture surface is smooth, and there is greasy luster. When late summer sowing, harvesting should be carried out before the frost comes and when the aboveground part is not withered. If the harvest is too late, one can not pull out the earth after the grass withered, increasing the difficulty of harvest; Second, other crops have been returned to the warehouse after the frost, the oily smell of the oily sedge stalks in the soil, will lead the rats to steal, Severely reduced production. When harvesting the oil, you can leave the ground grass at 0.2 meters. If the soil is loose, you can pick it up (about 70% of the fruit in the armpit), or use a nail to pick it up. After drying the lump stems for a day or two, they should be hand-sifted, sieved, and sun dried for storage. For oil extraction and food processing, the lumps should be washed to remove impurities.

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