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Anhui Luzhou Drug Market December 20th News Huaiyin Aki market operators currently hold a wait-and-see attitude. The output of this product is not small this year. The current market price of fertilizer is about RMB 18, and RMB 2 is about RMB 16.

Hawthorn flesh is currently slowing down the supply of goods in the market, but it does not see large cargoes moving around. There are a lot of stocks in the market, and the EC goods market is around 25-27 yuan. The market outlook is not optimistic.

The Gall products are sold out in general, and the prices are temporarily stable. The current market price is around RMB 24.

With white bean pods in the busy season, the market supply of goods was sold out in batches, and the market price was around 39 yuan.

In August, the situation in Zhaxing was temporarily stable, and the market was still full of goods. The price of white goods was about 12 yuan.

Attachment: The prices of hawthorn meat in recent medicine markets are hawthorn meat, and the prices are stable. Henan new goods are between 23-26 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-12-12

The price fell, including new tides 24-25 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-31

Price correction, ECS between 40-45 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-12

About 47 yuan for goods, the market is difficult to calm. Luzhou Drug Market 2011-09-14

Hawthorn meat, the price is stable, between the goods 45-50 yuan, high quality goods between 55-60 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2011-08-02

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