There are new tricks in shed peach pest control

1. Disease. The main diseases are peach bacterial perforation, mold perforation, and brown spot perforation. Before the germination, spraying 800 times of the new high-fat membrane evenly on the tree body can reduce the source of pathogenic bacteria and the overwintering base number of the pest. After the discovery of the root disease, general tree maintenance 1000 times fluid timely rooting.

2. Pests. Myzus persicae, whitefly, peach aphid, mainly damage leaves, shoots. The commonly used new high-fat membrane combined with pesticides such as once-daily net, fast killing spirit and enemy killing increased the efficacy.

3. Prevent pests after fruit picking. After the fruit is harvested, the peach trees in the greenhouse should also be strengthened for prevention and control of pests and diseases, combined with foliar spraying of new high-fat membranes to prevent abnormal defoliation in the early autumn and promote the photosynthetic efficiency and accumulation of photosynthetic products in the leaves, thereby overcoming the storage of nutrients. Insufficient flower bud differentiation resulted in poor quality and pistil degeneration.

Tuna In Pouch

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Product Description
Name Canned Tuna
Flavor Brine, Oil, Salad, Chili
Type Shred, Flake, Chunk, Solid
Net weight 140g, 160g, 170g, 185g, 200g, 1kg, 1.88k.
Brand Our brand or OEM, ODM
Shelf life 3/4 Years
Payment terms T/T, L/C
Delivery time 25 days after label artwork confirmed and advance payment done.
Packing normal lid or easy open,paper label or lithio can, paper carton or shrinked by tray
EU NO. 3302/01034
RUSSIA NO. 3302/01034
Shipping docs Commercial Invoice

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