Farm machinery idle time technical maintenance, custody

(1) In order to prevent corrosion of metal parts, dust must be cleaned after use. After maintenance, it is best to place agricultural implements in a shed and park them on a dry tile floor. According to information, the corrosion rate of machine tools parked on dry tile floor is about half that on mud soil. The fittings for movement of agricultural machinery should be fully lubricated and rotated regularly to prevent rust. The surfaces of the working parts of agricultural implements shall be painted or coated with anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion.

(2) In order to prevent rot and deformation of wood and cotton fiber products, it is necessary to intrude into the waterproof material. It is better to remove the canvas and the like products, clean them, dry them, and store them in a dry and ventilated place. After the wooden parts are sprayed into the paint, the wooden parts that are kept longer must be laid flat to prevent deformation.

(3) In order to slow the aging of the rubber parts, it is better to prevent sun exposure, irradiation and cover. If there are conditions, it is better to apply a layer of paraffin oil to minimize the contact between sunlight and air.

(4) In order to prevent the deformation of the parts, the stress state of the parts should be removed as much as possible to minimize the deformation so that their working performance will not be affected. For example: relax springs, support racks, etc.

(5) In order to prevent the loss and destruction of parts and components, guards and custodians should be established to strengthen guards and fire prevention measures.

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