When to cook the seasoning the most delicious nutrition

When cooking seasoning, what spices should be placed? How to maintain the color and aroma of vegetables after cooking, but also to maintain the maximum nutrients in the dish is not destroyed, this is indeed a university ask -

Soy sauce - before pan

Cooking soy sauce for a long time in a pot can destroy its nutrient content and lose its umami taste. Therefore, sauce should only be put before the pan is about to be cooked.

Salt - has paid attention

Use soybean oil, rapeseed oil to cook, in order to reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables, generally should be fried after the food and salt; peanut oil cooking, because peanut oil can be easily contaminated by Aspergillus flavus, it should first put salt fryers, This can greatly reduce the aflatoxins; use oyster sauce for cooking, you can first put half of the salt to remove the residual amount of organochlorine pesticides in oyster sauce, and then add the other half salt; when making meat dishes, in order to make meat The class is fried tenderly, and it is best to put salt in the fry until it matures.

Vinegar - Add as early as possible

When cooking, add a little vinegar to the vegetables after the pot, can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables, promote the dissolution of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral components, improve the nutritional value of the dishes and the body's absorption and utilization.

Wine - the highest temperature in the pot

When cooking fish, sheep and other meat dishes, put some cooking wine to remove helium by evaporating the wine. Therefore, the best time to add wine should be the highest temperature in the pot during cooking. In addition, stir-fried pork should be added after the meat is fried; stir-fried fish should be added after the decoction; fried shrimp is best served after frying; wines are usually cooked in small pots after cooking. Let go of alcohol.

MSG - Add before cooking

When heated to above 120°C, MSG will turn into coked sodium glutamate, which is not only odorless but also toxic. Therefore, it is best to add MSG before frying.

Sugar - put sugar first then salt

In the production of sweet and sour squid and other dishes, you should first add sugar and then add salt, or salt "dehydration" role will promote protein coagulation and difficult to eat through the sugar taste, resulting in the outer sweet and light, affecting its delicious.

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