Eggplant yellow leafhopper treatment

There are two main reasons for the yellow leaves of eggplant:

One is fat damage. This kind of hazard often occurs on cloudy days or when the weather turns fine. Mainly due to the use of large amounts of unfamiliar farmyard fertilizers as base fertilizer or improperly applied fertilizer, resulting in excessive accumulation of ammonia, coupled with no timely release of air within the greenhouse, eventually causing ammonia poisoning.

The second is phytotoxicity. It is mainly used in excess. Therefore, in the prevention and treatment of eggplant pests and diseases, farmers' friends must be based on the nature of the drug, the weather, the plant growth to select the appropriate dosage. Especially in the near future, with Shijiale, pyrimethanil and other agents to control gray mold, we must strictly control the concentration. In addition, in the morning and evening, it is not appropriate to use drugs, because at this time the degree of stomatal opening of plants is small, not only reduce the efficacy, but also increase the humidity of the air and increase the occurrence of diseases. The current season should generally be sprayed around 10 a.m. Experts reminded that for the cultivation of eggplant, try not to use pyrimethanil to control gray mold.

For plants that suffer from fertilizer damage (soil damage, soil damage, etc.), they must grasp the right timing to water the plants in time to restore the physiological functions of the plants as soon as possible. In addition, we must maintain a certain temperature in the greenhouse. Foliar spray harvest No. 1, Xian U Su and other foliar fertilizer, preferably mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

If the root system of the plant is damaged, it is necessary to pay attention to rooting and rooting. Rooting can be used to irrigate the root, and rooting fertilizer (humic acid and microbial fertilizer) can also be applied.

For the plants with phytotoxicity, foliar fertilizers may be sprayed on the foliar to harvest No. 1 or other antidote. If found in time, the spraying of fresh water or water on the leaves can alleviate the hazard. At the same time, it is also necessary to increase the temperature of the greenhouse, especially at night, in order to promote rooting.

In addition to fertilizer damage and phytotoxicity, the deficiency of the disease can also cause eggplant yellow leaves, such as magnesium deficiency, iron deficiency and so on. The magnesium-deficient eggplant has yellowish lower leaves, which develop from the bottom up, and some develop along the veins with obvious symptoms. In conditions where the soil is acidic, plentiful, and humid, eggplants are prone to iron deficiency, and the top leaves of iron-deficient eggplant plants become yellow.

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