Early prevention of magnesium deficiency in vegetables

This symptom is due to the physiological disease, or physiological disorder, which is shown by the deficiency. Not caused by infective pathogens, the symptoms of this tomato tomato vein chlorosis, resulting in yellow lesions are typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency. The main cause of magnesium deficiency is the use of large amounts of other chemical fertilizers, which destroys the balance of soil nutrients and causes the interaction between nutrients.
It should be noted that magnesium, as a trace element, needs a small amount. However, once the lack of tomato growth and development process will have an adverse effect, ranging from the yellow leaves, the weight of the whole plant leaves yellow, the fruit turn slow, smaller, low yield. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and take effective measures to prevent and remedy it.
First, when it comes to soil preparation, it is necessary to make reasonable use of the appearance and growth of the vegetables. Many years old sheds do not use chemical fertilizers. For example, if the amount of chemical fertilizers is too large and the nutrient elements are not in harmony, the average application of magnesium sulfate is about 1 kg.
Second, in areas with magnesium deficiency, if magnesium fertilizer is not added to the base fertilizer, after the first fruit is caught in the tomatoes, magnesium fertilizer should be applied topdressingly or foliarly. When applying topdressing, apply 1-2 kg of magnesium sulfate per acre, and the concentration of foliar spray should be controlled below 0.3%.
Third, after the plants have symptoms of deficiency, they must make timely supplements. Root topdressing and foliar spraying are performed simultaneously and applied multiple times in succession.


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