How to water the greenhouse vegetables in winter

A watering method

To adhere to the dark irrigation under the membrane, the condition can be implemented under the membrane irrigation. This can effectively prevent the ground water from evaporating, reduce the humidity in the greenhouse, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Second, watering time

It is better to choose the morning of a sunny day. At this time, the water temperature is close to the ground temperature. After the watering, the root system is stimulated and easy to adapt. At the same time, the ground temperature recovers quickly, and there is enough time to eliminate the humidity in the greenhouse. Watering in the afternoon will cause a sudden change in the ground temperature and affect the physiological function of the root system. It should not be watered in the afternoon, evening or rain and snow days.

Third, watering temperature

Indoor watering in winter, flooding should not be flooded. First, significantly reduce the temperature of the earth, hinder the absorption of nutrients by roots and affect their normal growth. Second, it is easy to increase the humidity in the greenhouse and cause diseases. Therefore, the amount of water must be determined according to the weather and plant growth.

Fourth, increase temperature and humidity

On the day of watering, in order to restore the ground temperature as quickly as possible, the greenhouse shall be closed, the indoor temperature shall be raised, and the temperature shall be promoted by the temperature. After the ground temperature rises, timely ventilation and dehumidification allow the temperature of the indoor air to fall within a suitable range so as to facilitate the robust growth of the plants.

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