Custody of winter farm machinery to do "seven defenses"

Unused agricultural machinery such as tractors, pumps, motors, threshers, sprayers, etc., should be properly stored and maintained in order to facilitate reuse in the coming year.

Iron parts prevent corrosion. Plowshares, coulters, etc. should be cleaned and dried with oil. Iron-coated fuselage, water pipes, and other paint-removal areas should be painted first after rust removal. Then, store them in a ventilated, dry warehouse.

Wooden pieces are resistant to rotting. Wooden parts such as threshing machines and thresher barrels and drums should be wiped, dried, and coated with tung oil before being stored in a ventilated, dry room.

Rubber parts prevent softening and cracking. After the rubber parts of the agricultural implements are damp or oily, they are susceptible to ageing, deterioration, and softening. Therefore, the V-belt or flat belt on the tractor and the pump should be removed and hung on a ventilated and dry wall. During the storage period of the tractor, bricks will be used to lift the front and rear bridges of the locomotive to lift the tires off the ground, not to bear the pressure, and maintain proper air pressure to prevent the tire from being deformed and damaged.

The motor is protected from moisture. Motors not to be used in winter should be placed in dry, ventilated and clean warehouses. Must not mix the motor with pesticides, fertilizers, etc., to prevent corrosion or moisture, resulting in decreased internal insulation performance and short circuit, grounding and leakage and other phenomena.

Anti-deformation spring. In winter, after the tractor is put into storage, the handle should be placed in the “closed” position to prevent the clutch spring from losing its elasticity due to long-term pressure. The intake and exhaust valves of the engine should also be placed in the closed state to prevent the spring from being damaged by long-term compression deformation, and dust can also be prevented from entering the cylinder and corroding the valve seat and the valve.

Anti-sulfur battery. When large and medium-sized tractors are stored in winter, they should be dismantled, their external surfaces wiped clean and fully charged, and Vaseline be painted on the surfaces of the electric piles and connecting plates, placed in a clean and warm room, and every other month thereafter. Charge once.

Cylinder, tank anti-frozen crack. After winter tractor operation, the cooling water should be drained to prevent freezing of the cylinder and tank.

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