Small Peanut Combine Harvester Maintenance Points

Many peasant friends will be left alone after using the farm machinery. As everyone knows, this will have a great impact on farm machinery. The post-use maintenance of agricultural machinery is an essential task. Take a small peanut harvester as an example. In order to ensure the use efficiency and service life of farm implements, the following aspects must be noted.

1. When storing, choose a place for ventilation and shade. Raise the rack with bricks or other objects to make the excavating shovel and the depth wheel away from the ground. Finally, cover the peanut harvester with a plastic cloth. The removed power shaft, hydraulic tubing, and ground wheels are best placed on shelves and placed neatly to prevent damage.

2, after the completion of the operation, first remove the dirt on the harvester parts, and remove the remaining peanut shells, crushing stems and other attachments on the machine every day. In particular, thoroughly remove weeds and other attachments. One week after the peanut harvester is used, the joints, bearings, etc. shall be filled with butter and other lubrication points shall be inspected and supplemented.

3. Check the wear condition of the peanut harvester belt. If the belt of the harvester wears badly, replace the new belt in time.

4. Check whether the fastening parts of the rack and wheel train are ready to be loosened or detached.

5, to promptly lubricate all friction parts; all installed on the outside of the chain should be lubricated with oil every day. Every 3-5 days, the chain should be removed and cleaned in the oil. The problems found during the inspection should be promptly adjusted or repaired to eliminate the existing failures and avoid new failures.

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