Sterilization of duck houses

Physical cleaning and rinsing should be performed before disinfection. Cleaning and rinsing should be performed in a certain order, usually after the first cleaning, then the first ceiling, the rear wall, and then the ground. From the far end of the duck house to the doorway, the indoor first and then the environment are gradually carried out. After careful and thorough cleaning and cleaning, 80% to 90% of the pathogens can be eliminated, and the amount of organic matter such as feces can be greatly reduced. When the empty house is sterilized, follow the first net road (the road that transports feed, etc.) and the rear dirt road (the road that the excrement truck drives), and the entire site should not be disinfected twice a week. Emptying room disinfection generally uses 2-3 different types of disinfectant drugs alternately.


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