Laying chickens to catch details to reduce feed wastage

The input of laying hens' breeding feed accounts for about 70% of the total investment, which has a huge share, and the phenomenon of feed waste in extensive farms is particularly prominent. It needs to attract the attention of workers, starting from the details, reducing feed wastage and increasing economic efficiency. . The common ways of wasting feed are listed as follows:

1. Sprinkle outside the trough during artificial feeding. Since a considerable number of chicken farms are still feeding on the original artificial feeding method, it is inevitable that there is a spill phenomenon, especially if the responsibility of the breeding staff is not strong, and the purpose of quickly ending the work is to violently perform the feeding process. Causes the feed to fall. It is recommended to train breeders and increase their sense of responsibility.

2. The chicken cutting mouth is unreasonable. Trimming the mouth too light or not cutting it, causing the chicken to turn over and causing feed wastage.

3. The trough is damaged or the installation is unreasonable.

4. The temperature of the house is uncomfortable, which increases the feed intake of the chicken. Different growth and development stages of chickens require different suitable temperatures. If the temperature continues to be too low or too high, both the egg production rate and the feed conversion rate will decrease. Therefore, effective cold insulation measures should be taken in winter and effective summer cooling measures should be taken in order to control the most suitable temperature to increase the feed conversion rate.

5. Loss in feed storage. It mainly consists of being eaten by rats and being improperly stored and mildewed.

6. Intestinal diseases or disorders of the intestinal flora result in a decrease in the feed conversion rate, which results in the ingested feed not being fully absorbed and utilized, resulting in waste. The daily management needs to add Chinese medicine to prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases, control the use of antibiotics to avoid causing dysbacteriosis, add micro-ecological preparations such as "Yi Liwei" spices, improve feed conversion rate, maintain intestinal flora balance.


It takes at least 2 months for Pacific saury to be directly sold or processed.How to effectively maintain the nutritional value and flavor of saury has also become a research hotspot. At present, the easiest and most effective way to store saury is freezing. The lower the freezing temperature is, the more beneficial it is to maintain the quality of saury. It can only be stored for 180 days at -20°C, and -30°C is the suitable temperature for freezing saury.

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