Dry Sausage Fermented Goats Benefit Many

The digestive tract of the goose is relatively short, and about 70% of the organic matter produced in the feces is not decomposed. If the excrement with high moisture content and high organic content cannot be treated in a timely manner, it will become deodorant. If geese are used to grow goose, the feces produced by the geese will be rapidly decomposed and transformed by the functional microorganisms in the fermentation bed. Some of them will be degraded into odorless gases to be discharged, and the other will be transformed into crude protein, bacterial proteins and With trace elements and other nutrients, geese supplement nutrients through the intake of litter, thereby reducing the amount of feed delivered.
In addition to quick cleaning of goose feces, functional bacteria in the Jinbao dry-sweeping fermentation bed enter the gastrointestinal tract of gooses through the process of feeding, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and metabolize and produce metabolites such as hydrolytic enzymes and fermentation enzymes. It helps to degrade the organic matter in the feed and accelerate the absorption and utilization of feed by the goose. Goose deposits without fecal urine can effectively prevent parasite infection and reduce the incidence of goose. In addition, the functional flora in the fermentation bed can also increase the immunity of geese by producing metabolites and enhance the resistance of geese.
The use of the Gymboree dry-sparing bed in the gosling breeding process can increase the survival rate of the gosling, the feed utilization rate and the average daily weight gain. At the same time, the role of functional bacteria in the fermentation bed can also reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases such as diarrhea in goslings.
In addition to improving feed utilization and boosting immunity, the use of the Gymboree dry-sparing fermentation bed in egg geese breeding can also increase egg production and goose quality. Meat geese can improve the meat quality, make the goose meat delicious and delicate, and it is more competitive in the market.
The fermentation bed provides a healthy and clean living environment for the geese, so that the growth and development of the geese is more rapid, which can effectively shorten the time for the meat geese to be slaughtered, prolong the laying period of egg geese, and create greater economic benefits. It is worth noting that the breeding of geese should not use wet fermentation beds, because the geese do not like to exercise. The wet fermentation bed itself has large moisture, poor ventilation, and can easily be compacted. Not only can it not be cleaned in time but it will cause great inconvenience.
In summary, the gems dry-sweeping bed geese not only deodorize the environment, save feed, but also improve disease resistance and goose quality. However, if the fermentation bed can play a better role in the long term, the maintenance and management of the fermentation bed should be well done. The litter and strains should be added in a timely manner, and the litter should be ventilated regularly to enhance ventilation and ventilation of the housing. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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