Feeding sows should be protected against ticks

Sow calves generally occur in the days before delivery and about 30 days after delivery. Individual sows experience numbness, kicking, and spasms in the waist within a few days after delivery. Before sorrow, most sows lost appetite or did not eat, they acted slowly, the stools hardened into abacus bead, and they liked to drink fresh water. There were differentiating phenomena such as arches, smashing bricks, and feces, but the body temperature was generally normal.

The reason why sows are paralyzed. One is the high proportion of concentrates in sow diets, and the second is the lack of calcium and phosphorus in sows' diets. Third, the proportion of cereals and beans in concentrates is too large, and the fourth is postpartum blood loss. In addition, the lack of sunlight, long wet ground, the fetus is too large, damage to the sciatic nerve during midwifery and other factors can also cause the disease.

Precaution. With a reasonable mix of feeds, strive to balance nutrition in the diet, try to feed more green feed or high-quality hay powder, supplement minerals and additives.

For pregnant sows and lactating sows, high quality bone meal and 20 grams of salt will be fed each day. If there is no bone meal, the proportion of feeds containing more phosphorus such as wheat bran and rice bran may be appropriately increased. Adding green manure, such as sweet potato vines and sweet potato vines, is also effective in preventing and curing sows. Usually in the pig diet total supplement shellfish powder, eggshell powder and calcium carbonate; in the gestation period and lactation period should be supplemented with bone meal, fish meal and bone soup, winter and spring to feed high quality hay powder, beans Herbage and green feed; Pighouses should always be kept clean and dry, should be cold and moisture-proof, keep the house warm and spacious, add some grass in the winter, let sunlight shine in the pig house; sows should let it in the sun every day during pregnancy Exercise for 2 to 3 hours (in the morning at 7 to 8 o'clock in the morning), feeding digestible, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and for sows with a history of postnatal birth, 10% intravenously before 20 days of prenatal Calcium gluconate 100 ml once a week.

Treatment programs. For symptomatic sows, symptomatic treatment should be treated as soon as possible. The bones of pig bone or other fresh livestock and poultry can be strictly sterilized, dried and crushed, and then mixed into the feed to feed the sows, feeding about 30 grams per head per day.

For severe sows, one can use 10% calcium gluconate solution 100 ~ 200 ml, 12.5% ​​vitamin C 10 ml, compound sodium salicylate 20 ml, 50% glucose 500 ml, once intravenous, every 5 days, Repeated medication once, with good results. The second is to use 5% to 10% calcium chloride injection 40 ~ 80 ml, one intravenous injection (serious intramuscular injection). Chinese medicine can also be used to treat sick pigs orally, "compound keel soup." Namely: 300 grams of keel, 50 grams of Angelica sinensis and Radix Rehmanniae, 15 grams of safflower, 50 grams of Achyranthes, 40 grams of anti-herdose, 400 grams of malt, and a total of two decoctions. Each day, morning and evening, it can be mixed. Feeding i in concentrates, taking 3 to 4 doses continuously, has significant effect.

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