Tractor fuel saving operation method

1. In the transportation operation, the tractor must master the technical essentials of using the two-legged clutch to shift gears to avoid parking shifts. Do not suddenly change the speed during the journey. Suddenly increase or decrease the throttle. Do not use as little or as little braking as possible to reduce power consumption.

2. To keep the air pressure higher, the inflation pressure should generally be 100-150 kPa higher than the specified value, but do not exceed the maximum pressure. Select the appropriate pressure and size of the tire, the purchase of tires, the best choice for the section width greater than the height of the tire. Give full play to the adhesion of the tire and the soil, maintain the proper angle and height of the tire tread, increase the adhesion of the tire to the soil, and reduce slipping.

3. The engine lubricating oil (oil) should be sufficient, refueling should be carried out under the parking condition, the oil surface should be added close to but not over the marking line on the dipstick; to do a good job of diesel purification to ensure the lubricating oil clean and quality requirements.

4. Carefully inspect the maintenance air filter as required to reduce the intake resistance. Do not cover the air inlet of the air cleaner with cloth or other materials.

5. Correctly adjust the coordination clearance of each drive of the locomotive to reduce the power consumption of the transmission part; correctly adjust the matching clearance and the traction clearance of the traction equipment so that it is not loose and not stuck.

6. A reasonable choice of working gear, so that the engine is often in the complete combustion of fuel working conditions. The throttle should select the economic working position so that the engine does not emit black smoke; if the engine is black smoke, the gear should be lowered appropriately.

7. Reduce the power loss of the tractor drive system. The new tractor or overhauled tractor should be tested for running-in according to regulations. Correct use of lubricants should be done for different viscosity oils in winter and summer so that the specifications of the grades are correct. Technical maintenance.

8. The engine water temperature should be maintained between 80 and 95 °C, because at this time the engine has the highest thermal efficiency and the minimum fuel consumption. The single cylinder evaporative diesel engine allows the water temperature to reach 100°C.

9. Avoid idling or idling of the engine. If you need to stop for more than 5 minutes, it is best to turn off the engine. This will not only save fuel, but it will also greatly benefit the engine. 10. The tractor should try to work under full load. Trolley." If the load is insufficient, the method of high-speed, small-throttle can be adopted, or the “small horse-drawn cart” can be overloaded and the empty car should be as few as possible.

11. The exhaust pipe of the tractor should not be long or arbitrarily changed in order to avoid increasing the exhaust resistance; the carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe should be regularly cleaned.

12. Eliminate fuel dripping, regularly test the fuel consumption of the engine, clean and maintain the fuel filter as required, and start the vehicle every day and put some sediment on the bottom of the fuel tank filter to ensure the fuel is clean.

13. The tractor shall conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance before operation to prevent sick operation. The transmission wheel of agricultural machinery shall use the sheaves that are in line with the V-belts to avoid slippage and fuel consumption. The tension of the transmission belt shall also be checked and adjusted. .

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