Making guaté strips

1? Preparation: 10 kg watermelon rind, 9 kg of sucrose, 1 kg of lime. 2? Raw material pretreatment: Wash the watermelon rind, cut off the surface of the green skin and the inner layer of melon, cut into 5 cm, 1 cm wide strips. 3? Hardening: Lime is placed in 10 kg cold water, then the melon strips are poured, and the melon strips are pressed with a wooden board, so that it can be completely immersed in lime water, soaking for 6-8 hours, can achieve good hardening effect. 4. Rinse: Place the hardened squash into a sink, rinse the lime with flowing water, and drain. 5? Sugar-salted: Lay the water-dried melon strips in the jar, add a layer of sucrose to the melon strips, marinate until the next day and add 2 kilograms of sucrose, and add 2 kilograms of sucrose the next day to continue pickling 1 Days can be. 6. Candied and candied fruit: Put the preserved sugar liquid into the pot and pour it into the melon strips. Cook for 20 minutes, pour into the pot, submerge the melon strips with the sugar solution and dip for 2-3 days. 7? Sugar glycosides: first remove the melon strips from the sugar solution, pour the sugar solution into the pot and add the melon strips. After boiling, keep turning and boil for about 30 minutes so that the sugar solution temperature reaches 115-120°C. At this point the water evaporates quickly, and when the sugar is thick, it can be panned. 8? Sugar liquid return cream: Guaguo stripping pan after the use of spatula to continue turning, so that all the syrup stained on the melon strips, melon strip surface is slightly dry when the stop turning, so as to avoid the sugar strips off the melon strips, while the melon strips Spread on the board to spread cooling, until the sucrose crystals on the surface of the melon stripe, when the white frost occurs, the finished gutta strips.

The cast wearers have to keep their casts clean and free of moisture until they are completely healed. It will become uncomfortable and irritate the wearer's skin when the cast is wet. This is especially difficult to manage when bathing or showering, which is why cast covers were developed as a means of preserving the integrity of the cast.

SEALCUFF waterproof cast covers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this foot cast cover suit for most child with foot injury. It is made of PVC, PP and silicone materials which are durable enough to be reused throughout your rehabilitation period.

Waterproof Cast Cover

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