What to do about dead pepper

Wilt disease prevention and control: 1 strengthen field management. Cultivate strong seedlings, cultivate sorghum, prevent flooding, and do not make continuous crops. Choose sandy loam to grow peppers. 2 chemical control. In the initial stage of disease, spray 50% carbendazim WP 500 times, or 40% polysulfide suspension 600 times, or 14% urea ammonia solution 300 times, irrigate the root, average 250 grams per irrigation solution, continuous Fill 2-3 times.

Bacterial wilt disease control: 1 Agricultural control. According to local conditions, select disease-resistant seed varieties, adjust the pH value of the soil, combine soil preparation, apply proper amount of lime, and generally use 50-100 kg of lime for Mushi. Add phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and spray 100 mg/kg boric acid solution. Pay attention to drainage after the rain, timely inspection, found that the diseased plants were immediately removed and burned, lime disinfected disease strains. 2 chemical control. 100-200 mg/kg streptomycin sulfate, 30% BT WP 500 times, or 77% WP 500 times, or 14% Ammonia Bronze 300 times Spray once every 7-10 days for 3 consecutive times.

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