Agaricus mushrooming in autumn

Agaricus is a type of low-temperature mushroom. Its fresh mushroom protein content is 35% to 38%, its nutritional value is 4 to 12 times that of vegetables and fruits. It enjoys the reputation of “Health Food” and “King of Suzhong”, and is favored by domestic and foreign markets.

Planting Agaricus bisporus in Beijing, September-November and April-May in the following year are fruiting period. The management of Agaricus bisporus mushroom can be divided into three different periods: autumn mushroom, winter mushroom and spring mushroom. Among them, autumn mushrooms account for more than 70% of the total production, which should be the focus of management. At present, it is the key to the management of the mushrooming in the autumn. The production should focus on the following aspects:

1. Water Management: The key is to control water consumption. Appropriate use of water, hypha growth, fruiting occurs more, mushrooming tide increase. Too much water will cause the hyphae to shrink, and the mushroom fruit body will have “rust spots” and “red roots”. If there is insufficient water, the fruit body is not full or the surface has scales. In general, each mushroom in the early fall period should be sprayed with heavy water to supply the moisture needed for the next tidal mushroom. Do not spray water immediately before and after harvesting so as not to affect the quality of the mushroom and the formation of the next tidal mushroom. In the later period of autumn mushrooms, the temperature dropped, the amount of mushrooms decreased, and the amount of water sprayed should be reduced, generally about 0.5 kg/m2. Spraying is best done at night or sooner or later.

2, temperature management: Mushroom mushroom shed temperature should be maintained at 18 °C -20 °C, lower temperature mushroom fruiting body hypertrophy, not easy to open the umbrella, good quality. In the early period of autumn mushroom, when the greenhouse temperature is higher than 18°C, night ventilation, spraying water around the canopy, and thickening the shade layer can be adopted to reduce the temperature of the greenhouse. The late autumn mushroom, when the greenhouse temperature below 12 °C, ventilation can be taken at noon, at night thickening grasshoppers, with black and white double-layer membrane and other measures to improve the temperature of the greenhouse.

3, ventilation management: Agaricus bisporus fruit body growth and development stage more vigorous respiration, more carbon dioxide emissions, oxygen consumption, so after mushrooming mushroom room must do a good job of ventilation. Especially in early autumn, high temperatures and poor ventilation can lead to poor fruiting body development. Mushroom doors and windows hanging curtains, and spraying water on the straw, so that while ventilation can maintain the humidity inside the shed, but also can avoid hot air directly to the mushroom bed. Qiu Mushrooms have lower temperatures in the later period and have fewer mushrooms, which can reduce the amount of ventilation, and are mainly based on insulation to prevent the opening of umbrellas. Mushroom ventilation should be performed at night or on rainy days.

4, post-harvest management: each time after picking mushrooms, should be used to pick out the bed with the dumplings dry, yellowing old roots and dead mushrooms, to prevent mildew caused by pests and diseases. After picking roots each time, make up the soil in time to avoid water accumulation in the small holes after spraying and affect the growth of mycelium. After a certain period of mushrooming, the nutrients are continuously depleted and the mushroom shape becomes smaller. Spray water must be used to spray 2% lime water and top dressing. There are three commonly used top dressings: 12-5% industrial raw glucose or sugar; 20.02% yeast liquid; 30.5% urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and so on.

Intestinal localization was administered to reduce adverse effects.

Targeted site-specific release:

Two hours in gastric juice will not disintegrate or crack, dissolve within thirty minutes of disintegrating juice, providing a perfect solution for protein and peptide drugs and probiotics.

Enteric coated gelatin hollow capsule is made of gelatin and enteric coating material in gastric juice it will not collapse, but will release in the intestines as a collapse of a target product . It is often used for special packaging of drugs and health cae products which are irritating to the stomach or unstable under acid, or dissolved and effected in the intestine.

Intestinal location administration can improve the efficacy of drugs, reduce the dose and the adverse reaction, brings the convenience to patients. Moreover , it can avoid the degradation of gral protein, polypeptide or health care products and provide the best absorption sites for them.

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