Family culture tips

The family cultivates bamboo, cyclamen, orchid, evergreen, brazilwood, monstera, milan, clivia, camellia, jasmine, azalea, fortune bamboo, brazilwood, ivy, spider plant, cycad, green radish, cactus, etc. More suitable for family farming.
1, a reasonable watering. Water is a necessary condition for the survival and reproduction of flowers. Reasonable watering is the key to the success of flowering. The type of flowers, the environment and the climate are different. The water requirement is very different. The family cultivates flowers, especially the indoor flowers in the living room. Without direct sunlight, the flower transpiration is weak and cannot be watered. Otherwise, the soil is often in a state of waterlogging, and the root system will die and die. Excessive watering is an important cause of unsuccessful flowering in many families. In general, the flowers in the terrace are poured, and the flowers in the room are less poured; when the temperature is hot, the water is poured, when the temperature is cool, it is poured less, the herbs are poured more, the wood is less poured, and alternately according to dryness and humidity, that is, in the soil. When it is dry, it is only watered. Every time you water it, you have to pour it to the bottom of the basin and seep out.
2, timely application of fertilizer. Family flowers generally do not need too much fertilizer, especially the current popular foliage flowers are Brazil iron pillars, Pachira fulgens, etc., due to the need to maintain the original plant shape to prevent long-term aging, usually in the spring and autumn rainy season applied fertilizer 1 - 2 times, other flowers with more vigorous growth can be fertilized once a month. Can also be made organic fertilizer, such as the Taomi Shui, washing bottles of water, adding orange peel, egg shell seal, and adding the right amount of starter, half an month later became odor-free high quality organic compound fertilizer.
3, harmless pest management. Family flowers, the main pests are locusts, red spiders, scale insects, and ants in the soil, maggots, etc., due to the high toxicity of general chemical pesticides, it is easy to pollute the environment, causing harm to the human body, it is best to manually capture, Can be made to kill pollution-free anthers, such as adding a small amount of washing powder garlic juice, diluted 50 times; or tobacco 25 times, soak 48 hours, take the filtrate plus the right amount of detergent, or add 500 times with Fengyoujing etc. It has obvious poisoning effect on common pests.

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