Factors that affect pig feed intake

Environmental factors Environmental factors that cause pig stress, such as crowding, transportation, and ambient temperature, all reduce pig feed intake. Because of stress, adrenalin and norepinephrine secretion in pigs increases, causing glycogen and lipolysis to accelerate, and blood glucose levels increase, thereby reducing feed intake.

Drinking water and drinking water are important factors that affect the feed intake of pigs. Only when drinking water is guaranteed, the feed intake of pigs can reach maximum. In addition, the cleanliness of drinking water is also very important, pigs will refuse to drink water contaminated with excreta.

Compared with the powder, the feed form can increase the feed intake. Compared with the whole grain, the crushing or crushing can increase the feed intake of the pig.

Feed intake and feed intake were higher when feed intake was higher than when feeding was limited; feed intake increased the pig’s ability to maintain a strong appetite and reduce feed wastage; when the temperature was too high, the feeding time was changed. When the temperature is cool in the morning and in the evening, the feed intake of the pig does not decrease. The experiment also found that adding a flavoring agent to the piglet's feed can increase its frequency of feeding, and the feed can be continuously ingested into the digestive tract so that the digestion and absorption of nutrients can be optimized.

Continuity of Feeding Nutritionally speaking, although the whole life of a pig can be divided into several stages, there is continuity between the two. If the sow’s feed intake during gestation not only affects the weight gain of the sow during pregnancy, the development of the fetus, but also affects the feed intake during lactation, thus affecting milk production, therefore, the sow should be determined from a global point of view. Feed intake and feeding methods at each stage. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of gradually changing the amount of feeding or changing the feed, and should not suddenly disrupt the feed habits of the pig. Otherwise, it causes restlessness, digestive disorders, constipation or diarrhea, while it causes stomach dilation, intestinal knots, and even death.

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