Ram Management Techniques

First, the basic requirements for breeding rams The basic requirements for breeding rams are: to maintain moderate or above body condition all year round, healthy physique, strong sexual desire and good breeding ability, good semen quality, high sperm density, vitality, energy Ensure that the ewes are pregnant. In order to better play the role of rams. Therefore, it is required on the feed: nutrition is comprehensive, long-term stability, to maintain a body condition that is neither fat nor thin. 1.5-2 months before mating and winter and spring seasons, special attention should be paid to feeding quality forage and increasing nutrient supply to maintain the use of rams.
Second, species of rams feeding management
1. During the breeding period, the nutrition level should be increased. 0.5-1 kilograms of mixed condiment should be fed daily, and 1-2 pieces of green hay, carrots, pumpkins and eggs should be fed.
2, activities 6-8 hours a day, improve sperm vitality.
3, a reasonable number of breeding, sperm extraction 2-3 times a day, a day off for three days.
4, keep alone, to prevent random breeding and ram fight each other.
5, do a good job repair hoof, disinfection and environmental sanitation.

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