Management Techniques of Rice and Duck Ecological Breeding

Rice-duck eco-planting technology is an ecological breeding technology that realizes the double harvest of rice and duck and is an excellent model for healthy ducks. However, to ensure the healthy breeding of ducks, the following points should be noted.
The site selection and layout of the duck farm select the site according to the farming model. Duck farms should be selected where they have good water quality and are far away from traffic trunks and residential areas. The production area, management area and living area should be divided into the production area; the production area should be partitioned and separated from the management area and living area. There should be no hatchery in the duck farm.
There are many excellent varieties of ducks in China, such as Beijing Duck, Cherry Valley Duck and Di Gao Duck. The breeder should select the rearing object according to the needs of the rearing pattern. For example, the paddy field duck should select the middle-small breed.
Feed Supply Feed is used as the material basis for the growth of poultry. Its quality directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, the feed must be safe, high quality, and free from pesticides and hormones. In the production, the sources of feed shall be safe and have no mildew. The use of additives shall comply with the provisions of the national standards.
Surveillance and purification of epidemic disease control and control of epidemic spread and epidemic at the source are the most effective measures.
Prevention is the main factor, and prevention and treatment is the key to the development of duck farms, whether it is in the design and construction of duck farms, the introduction of ducklings, or the entire process of feeding and management. It must start from the elimination of the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and enhance the resistance of ducks. Prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. If it is not introduced from the epidemic area, it adopts the all-in and all-out feeding system; it will disinfect people and vehicles entering and exiting the area, establish disinfection procedures for the breeding of eggs and ducklings, and procedures for disinfection of drinking water and feed.
Duck breeding ducks have a long feeding cycle and have a great impact on egg hatching and survival of ducklings. Ducks should be monitored for antibody levels at any time and whether or not immunizations should be performed based on monitoring results and duck status. The epidemic prevention for non-bred ducks can be carried out according to the vaccination program recommended by the veterinary epidemic prevention department.
The rational use of veterinary drugs should strive to raise the level of feeding and management, enhance the resistance of ducks, and make ducks as less sick as possible in order to reduce the use of drugs. Through the formal channels to purchase qualified veterinary drugs produced by regular manufacturers, and strictly in accordance with regulations. Try to use non-pollution, non-residue antibiotic replacement medicines such as Chinese herbal medicine, defensins, yolk antibodies, etc.
Strict implementation of the drug holiday period refers to the interval from when the drug is stopped until the animal or its product is allowed to be marketed. Pay attention to formulating a scientific dosing schedule. Strictly according to the course of medication, the correct use of drugs to prevent drug compatibility taboos, the establishment of drug use files.
The use of disinfectants with caution in selecting disinfectants according to the purpose of disinfection should be a disinfectant that is efficient, inexpensive, easy to use, safe to humans and poultry, and free of residual toxicity, and that does not produce harmful substances in poultry. Repeated disinfection is best to use more than two chemical disinfectants.
Environmental Hygiene requires that ducks in the yard should maintain clean and sanitary environment. Garbage, excrement, dead ducks should be cleared or discharged in time, or be treated in a harmless manner in the wind direction of the duck farm. Clean the duck house at any time to ensure adequate light, fresh air and suitable temperature. Do a good job of rodent control, the farm shall not raise other poultry, livestock. The duck farm should have facilities for harmless treatment of diseased carcasses, as well as manure and sewage fermentation tanks. These facilities should be built at the wind direction of the duck farm.

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