The golden treasure god's capsule (What are the important roles of the oblique hole fungus?)

The golden treasure god's capsule (What are the important roles of the oblique hole fungus?)
There are many kinds of effective or special effects ingredients in Candida albicans, able to have a good recovery or reduce the pain of tumors, diabetes, HIV and other diseases. Mainly reflected in: (1) can enhance the body's immune function and anti-tumor activity: polysaccharides (β-glucan, Hetero-glucan) and its protein complex higher. (2) Hypoglycemic effect. After the glucose oxidation-reduction enzyme method, the glucose concentration in the serum of the white rat was subjected to many regular tests. Many patients personally tried it, and the reaction was good. Nucleic acids and mycelium contain abundant polysaccharides (β-glucan, Hetero-glucan) and their protein complexes. (3) decomposition (removal) of active oxygen: a variety of alcohol, SOD effect. (4) Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and whole intestines, and improving arteriosclerosis, etc.: Among them, plant fibers, crude fibers, and polysaccharides are abundant. (5) Anti-HTV (HIV-1 protease activity) effect: contains water-soluble lignin. (6) Inhibiting the increase of influenza virus: Water-soluble lignin is contained. (7) Hypoglycemic effect is effective for diabetes: For example, anti-oxidation enzymes, β-glucan (Hetero-glucan) and protein complexes thereof have a significant effect on streptozotocin (a stimulant of diabetes). The hypoglycemic effect was 32% higher than that of control mice.
Golden Baby Saccharomyces capsule is the latest generation of pure extracting quality of high-grade oblique fiber-pore fungus. The finest choice of materials, the process flow absorbs the latest international microbiological engineering and technological achievements including Europe and the United States, Russia, Japan and South Korea, combined with its own intellectual property rights, Seiko Made from. The patient was taken three times a day, one at a time, and taken 30 minutes before a meal. According to different situations, it can achieve the effects of lifting, eliminating, reducing pain, increasing appetite, restoring normal life, prolonging life, and even fully recovering. Details can visit the website or consult.

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