How to improve the utilization rate of fish and shrimp feed

The feed utilization rate refers to the ratio of the total amount of feed material and the weight gain of fish and shrimp during feeding. Simply put, it is "a few kilograms of feed is used for 1 kilogram of fish and shrimp." The smaller the ratio, the higher the feed utilization rate; the larger the ratio, the lower the feed utilization rate. The level of utilization has a direct impact on the cost of raising fish and raising shrimp. The author summarizes the following aspects based on years of experience in order to readers:
1. The quality of the feed and the well-formed feed are derived from good raw materials, and must meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp to achieve a nutritional balance; at the same time, different forms of feed suitable for each stage should be prepared according to the feeding conditions of fish and shrimp. According to different habits, dry particles or wet particles are produced in order to avoid rapid dissolution loss after feeding, thereby reducing consumption.
2. The quality of the feed and the preservation of the feed itself are high in nutrient content and the raw materials are fresh, which is in line with the physiological needs of the fish and shrimps. At the same time, it should be ensured that the quality is not bad, not rotten, and does not have long-lasting offensive odor.
3. Feeding should be done in a proper amount and in a proper amount, and evenness should be achieved. According to the weather and water quality, a small number of feedings should be carried out in order to avoid a large amount of feeding.
4. Aquaculture water quality should ensure that the water in fish and shrimp ponds is clean and free from pollution, and in particular, there is a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water. Therefore, it is important to change the water properly. It has been measured that when the oxygen content of carp in the water is from 0.5-2 mg/L to 3-6 mg/L, the feed coefficient will decrease by a factor of two. In this regard, the use of a goldfish fish and shrimp water conditioner for fine water quality regulation is preferable.

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