Gold Baby Rose

The Golden Baby Rose Gold Baby Rose Original is a refined product made from the flowers of the world's most expensive international flavor Bulgarian Damascus Rose 1 variety. The Damascus Rose is a world-recognized and best-known specialty for rose oil and rose flower processing. Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Co., Ltd. produced the golden rose rose raw material rose flowers in the cultivation process, mainly to the microbial microbial fertilizer with organic fertilizer, do not use any pesticides, herbicides and other non-environmental chemicals, plus strict Scientific management, fertilizer, harvesting, preservation, processing, storage, transportation and other management processes ensure the genuine natural characteristics and noble qualities of the Golden Rose Rose Hydrosol from the source, and truly achieve the “clean water out of hibiscus and natural carving”. Return to nature and return to nature. The Golden Rose Rose produced from Bulgarian Roses is a pure natural flower water. It is a colorless or slightly milky transparent liquid. It differs from the strong Chinese aroma of fragrance (its rose varieties are non-bulgarian Damascus roses). The sweet, non-greasy international popular fragrance is favored by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, and its rose aroma is light, elegant and long-lasting. Jinbao Rose Hydrosol is a genuine and natural Bulgarian rose flower water. It has a certificate issued by the national competent authority for standard test reports. The quality and user can sit back and relax no matter when and where. Details can visit the website or consult.

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